<WE CAN RUN> POSTER ART FRISBEE 175gm glow / grateful dead
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POSTER ART FRISBEE 175gm glow / grateful dead

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WE CAN RUN. the perimeter of this disc reads -> WE DONT OWN THIS PLACE THOUGH WE ACT AS IF WE DID ITS A LOAN FROM THE CHILDREN OF OUR CHILDRENS KIDS in the past 2 years here at funn & frolic, we have started working with renown poster artists from all around the country to do some of our frisbee designs. Matthew Fleming from Washington State did this design for us and we are only making 500 of these babies they are numbered.

this is an 11inch diameter 175gm glow disc perfect for a day in the park or a competitive ultimate game.

thanx, & keep jammin',
bobby love
funn & frolic - usa