About Us


Funn & Frolic - USA began making devil sticks in 1992 while Bobby Love & Kool Bud were enrolled at The University of Michigan. What began as Kool Bud's project for an Industrial Designs class blossomed into a life of its own as everywhere we traveled people were in need of 'the kind.'

At this point, we have put out over 75,000 sets of Devil Stixx™. Retailers like Paragon Sports in Manhattan, EMS, Gart Sports, and The Black Dog have all proudly stocked our devil sticks.

Devil Stixx™ devil sticks are genuine devil sticks not to be confused with skinny sticks or tasseled sticks. Devil Sticks are all about athletic expression. Our center pieces are computer lathed from poplar wood and produced by expert wood turners we have worked with for years. Each set is customized and detailed on Martha's Vineyard and brought to you with love in hopes and with faith that the jam will set you free.