The Full Circle Flyer™

The Full Circle Flyer™ is a 175gm flying disc with an 11 inch diameter constructed from post-consumer recycled plastic. We manufacture these discs in CA using a mold we acquired from AMF-HEAD several years ago.

This is a great disc for ultimate, disc golf, dog tosses, or simply to throw on the beach with friends! We make this same exact disc for Dave Matthews Band, Widespread Panic, Phish, the Bonnaroo people, etc...all of those discs can be found on their individual websites. Inquire with us if you have any questions regarding custom discs.

Original Full Circle Flyer - Orange

The original full circle flyer (tm) - where it all began. over 20,000 sold. Get this flying disc for only $10.

State of Maine Flying Disc

State of Maine - the classic 'way life should be disc' in fitting forest green. $10.

Cape Cod Flying Disc

Cape Cod flying disc - good times from p-town to the hole, always. $10.

John Mayer Flying Disc

John Mayer. Buy this at John Mayer's online store!

Dave Matthews Band Flying Disc

Dave Matthews Band Flying Disc. Buy this at Dave Matthews Band's online store!

State Radio Flying Disc

State Radio Flying Disc. Buy this at State Radio's online store!

Bonnaroo Flying Disc

Bonnaroo Flying Disc. Buy this at Bonnaroo's online store!

Phish Flying Disc

Phish Flying Disc. >Buy this at

Nantucket Flying Disc

Nantucket - the sister island disc in navy. $10.

Widespread Panic Flying Disc

widespread panic...we would all rather be disco->diner. until that point, though, there's frisbee on the beach. $12. Buy this at widespread panic's online store!

Original Full Circle Flyer - Blue

The Original Full Circle Flyer™. where it all began. over 20,000 sold. $10.

Josh Phillips Folk Festival Flying Disc

Josh Phillips Folk Festival. Pure Asheville goodness. Buy this at the Folk Festival's online store!

NPR Flying Disc

We did this disc as a donor gift for NPR - not available for purchase. Support good radio!

Positively Haight Street

Positively Haight Street. Buy this at the Positively Haight Street's online store!

Survival Beachwear Flying Disc

Survival Beachwear. Buy this at the Survival Beachwear's online store!

South Carolina Disc

South Carolina - our new SC Palmetto disc, a must have for Folly Beach. $10.